Here I Am Again

posted by DammitDoug on 10th Jun 2012, 7:56 PM

Well I never thought I'd be back here again.

This site is set up primarily as a mirror to the actual comic, hosted on my personal site at Radiopassive Entertainment. Both will update on Mondays, and both will have the same comics, so if you want to follow the adventures of Carl and Xenos here on ComicFury, go ahead and subscribe!

For those of you who might pass by this comic and wonder if you've seen it before, don't worry, you're not insane. Well, you might be, but this isn't a sign of it. An earlier incarnation of CaX was hosted here a couple years ago, and because I haven't had the heart to delete the entire archive, you can find the original over here. Don't say I warned ya, though. It ain't pretty.

Alright, I'm out of here for the moment. Catch y'all later!

-Doug Wilson

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